The Top Outrageous Celebrity Diva Demands On Movie Sets 

Superstars often make insane demands on sets, and directors and producers have no other option than to fulfill them to keep the main lead. These are some of the top celebrity diva demands on movie sets. 

The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour Is Coming To You Soon 

The Whitney Houston hologram tour is coming soon, and this news has been met with much enthusiasm since people are interested in her performances. This tour is an innovative idea that will feature some of the best performances of Whitney’s career. 

Dollar General Invests In Affordable Healthcare 

The nationwide discount retailer Dollar General will be offering more for customers with healthcare expansion to become a destination for healthcare products. 

Buyer Beware Of Timeshare ‘Deals’ 

You might have received an invitation for a free meal or trip that you think won't cost you, but you'll end up being convinced to pay for a timeshare that is a questionable investment. 

McDonald’s Raises Minimum Wage Costing Customers 

The American-based fast-food chain McDonald's is raising minimum wage rates for employees, but it will cost the customers extra with increased menu prices. 

Snag These Freebies At Disney Theme Parks 

The most magical place on earth Disneyland and Disney World can also be pretty pricey but with these clever theme park hacks, you can snag some free swag.