Margot Robbie's 'Barbie' Movie Salary Makes Her The Highest Paid Actress 

Margot Robbie has risen to fame in the past decade with a wide array of movies and is currently working on one of her most anticipated roles in the new live-action ‘Barbie’ movie. Margot Robbie’s role-playing Barbie has also given her the status of the highest-paid actress. 


Rihanna replaces Kylie Jenner for the Forbes title of the youngest self-made female billionaire achieving this status with her self-made empire. Rihanna may have started as a singer but has built an empire through multiple businesses making her the youngest self-made female billionaire.   

NFL to Launch NFL+, A New Streaming Service For Fans 

A new streaming service NFL+ has launched. Fans of football can pay $4.99 every month for exclusive content and live streams.  

Robot Successfully Performs first Surgery Without Human Assistance

Over 60 years after the first robotic-assisted surgery, the Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot (STAR) performed the first fully robotic surgery without human assistance. 


The Guinness World Record largest cut black diamond known as The Enigma sold for over $4 million at auction with Sotheby's London with 55facets and 555.55 carats. 

SpiriT And Frontier Airlines Plan To Merge Creating The Fifth-Biggest U.S. Airline

Spirit and Frontier airlines propose a plan on merging the two budget airline companies to create what would be the fifth-biggest American-based airline valued at $6.6 billion. 

Former Amazon Warehouse Manager Pleads Guilty For Stealing $270k In Merchandise

A former operations manager for the Amazon warehouse pled guilty to allegations of mail fraud for stealing Amazon products and reselling to a warehouse for a profit of $273,000. 

The Unique Origins Of Wedding Traditions

Couples from all around the world draw from their culture in following wedding traditions without knowing the origin story from wearing a white dress to the honeymoon. 

Best Strategies For Handling Debt

Are you struggling with multiple debt balances? Here are the best strategies for handling debt.  

Bring New Life To Your Old Clothes With DIY Laundry Stripping Detergent 

Save money replacing worn out clothes that seem impossible to clean with multiple washes using a DIY laundry stripping detergent that will clean all the bacteria from you clothes and household linens. 

Habits To Build Better Financial Discipline 

Want to reach financial independence? Then you should follow these habits to build better financial discipline.  

Managing Methods For Impulse Spending  

Impulse spending or splurging happens more than you think that can negatively impact your finances for priority spending such as retirement savings or building an emergency fund.