Save Money On Your Next Target Trip With These Tips

One of the biggest retailers Target is known for offering everything under the sun but not too many know some secrets when it comes to savings for your next shopping trip. 

Target holds a treasure trove of everything you need but can be a bit pricey getting everything that is on your shopping list. Make the most of your money with these tips for your next Target shopping trip.
The big box retailer Target has generated a cult like following through using influencers and promotions for a ton of sponsored content that will bring customers to their stores or websites. Some of these hauls can add up if you’re not spending wisely but there are some great deals you might be missing out on.
You can start saving without even going to the store by looking for deals on the store website or app featuring promotional deals and weekly savings ad. Target will offer some of the best deals during the holidays offering sales on items they normally don’t discount.

Another way to save is checking the “Top Deals,” “circle offers,” and “Clearance” section on the website or the Target app. All these sections offer great deals and discounts that vary by page:
·        Top Deals – percentage-based discounts with some limited-time deals in nearly every product category.
·        Circle Offers – percentage-based discounts for certain brands or products with some coupon and rebate offers.
·        Clearance – discounted items that are limited in stock, seasonal, or not widely available in all stores.
If you frequently shop at Target wanting to take advantage of the coupons and rebate offers, you should download the app. The app helps shoppers save offers and coupons to apply for in-store or online purchases.
Target is also coupon friendly accepting manufacturer coupons, store coupons, or one of each applied to the same item to stack your savings. In the Target app, all coupons are store coupons unless labeled with ‘MFR’ as a manufacturer coupon that can’t be combined with another manufacturer coupon. You can also save more using coupons when there is a sale on a certain product, this is great for costly household cleaning supplies or beauty products.
Target also has a price match policy so if you find an identical item costing less at a local competing retailer or online competitors like Amazon, they will match the price with provided proof such as a circular or online deal. Another policy that helps to save money is buying Cat &Jack clothing for babies and kids.
The Cat & Jack children’s clothing brand is owned by Target, and they have a one-year guarantee on their clothes. If you have worn out or tattered clothes from Cat & Jack, you can return them within one year and refund your money.
The Target RedCard might seem like a credit card, but you can actually link your debit card to the RedCard account if you prefer. Target RedCard holders get additional discounts with 5% off instore or online, a discount on the first transaction when approved, and RedCard exclusive discount offers.

Target also helps customers save on past purchases as they have a policy to refund customers the price difference if the price of their product drops 14 days within initial purchase. You can go to customer service to help with this transaction. 

Another massive money saver is shopping for clearance items that are labeled with yellow price stickers. Target can start discounting clearance items at 15% and can go up to 90% off with a code for customers to see how much an item is currently discounted for.
In the upper right corner of the yellow clearance price sticker, there will be a small number that between 0-100 that will indicate the percentage taken off an item. As clearance product prices drop, you can claim the difference with a refund at customer service as mentioned above.

Tis the season of post-holiday discounts for every national holiday. Target starts discounting holiday items the day after the holiday with 50% off everything except for food/candy that starts at 30% and will lower the prices as time goes on weekly.